Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Destroyed Iraqi T-62 - Finished

Hello everybody

It's finally finished, and here are photos.

You can see photos of work in progress here
Thanks to Nemanja Mitkovic for T-55 hatch parts, and Srdjan Vasovic for plate with name! :)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Destroyed Iraqi T-62 - Work in progress

My T-72AV project is currently on hold because I'm waiting barrel without thermal sleeve, so I decided to start new project:

It's Iraqi T-62 destroyed near Ali Al Salem air base in Kuwait.
Base kit is Trumpeter T-62 mod.1972. Iraqi army upgraded few dozens of T-62 mod.1962 with cupola rings from T-55 with DShK. I replaced engine deck with mod.1962 version and added parts from Tamiya and Skif kit for cupola conversion.

Kit lacks welds, so I added them on few places.

Engine decks was corrected with styrene.

I also added fuel line for external tanks

Cage for light is replaced with one made from wire, because original part is to thick and incorrect.

Covers for search lights on the turret are made from sheet metal

Primer is applied, and it's ready for painting

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Syrian T-72AV work in progress - fasteners and glacis

After finishing most of photo etched era bricks, it's time for work on the hull.
First I finished photo etched fasteners for side boxes, and that is one of the hardest things of Voyager pe set for T-72.

Plastic fasteners are removed

Making of clasp

Finally first one is finished.

And after few days they are in place.
It took me a lots time to finish them all, lots of work, but when it's finished it looks fantastic.

Plastic exhaust pipe is provided in one piece and it's realy bad.
For me this is one of the best parts of this pe set, it realy improves model.

Also plastic cages for lights are too thick, and I decide to make new one with wire.
I used 0.4mm wire, it's a bit tricky to make, and it drove me crazy because it's so small and very hard to glue together.
I tried to solder it but it's even harder to do.

I added 4 KMT mounts on the lower plate because that is one of differences between M1 and A version, and they will be half covered with era bricks.

Second distincion between this two models are mounts on the glacis, but that mounts are completly covered with era so I didn't have to change them.

And all bricks are placed on glacis.
I placed them completly same as on the real tank, with overlapping brick mounts and a little bit raised bricks on the KMT mounts.

Also I have to reposition rib on the glacis little lower, because it's been placed too high.
Distinctive Russian pattern welds are reproduced with milliput.
Hedlights are repositioned little lower.

Photos of hull

Next on the menu are scratch build fasteners for side fuel tanks and rest of photo etched works on the hull.

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Aleksa Elez - Aki